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Double Boldt Real Estate is deeply rooted in Wauwatosa and the surrounding communities, providing us an incredible opportunity to make a positive impact on the lives of the individuals and families we call neighbors.

As part of our Community Give Back Campaign, Double Boldt Real Estate is launching new partnerships, sponsoring a variety of local events, hosting neighborhood activities, and making financial donations to the charitable organizations of our clients’ choosing. Double Boldt Real Estate invites you to take part in these initiatives and show some love to the communities we all call home.

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There’s No Place Like Home

There’s no place like home, and there’s no one like family. Nothing punctuates our lives with meaning quite like a parent’s love, a child’s joy, or the camaraderie amongst siblings, friends, and family. At Double Boldt Real Estate, we know a few things for sure—we love our jobs, we love our clients, and we love our communities.


July 11 @ 6pm

Don’t miss out on the Root Concert Music Series in the heart of the Tosa Village, co-sponsored by Double Boldt Real Estate.


Join us in enjoying this kid-friendly movie night, hosted by Double Boldt Real Estate and the Swan Park Neighborhood Association.


Double Boldt Real Estate is a proud sponsor of the McKinley Elementary School Walking School Bus Program, which encourages students and their families to walk & bike safely to school.


Double Boldt Real Estate proudly sponsors local public schools as ardent believers in our collective responsibility to nurture children through continued & personal investments.


Double Boldt Real Estate and Kids Matter, Inc. have partnered to help abused and neglected children heal and thrive through the gift of books. Children entering foster care experience an array of confusing emotions; books provide these children with comfort during a time of great stress.

GET INVOLVED: Drop off your donated books at our office in Wauwatosa and we’ll take care of the rest. Help us reach our goal to provide 500 donated books this year!


Double Boldt Real Estate is putting our money where our mouth is. As part of the 2019 Choose-a-Cause Campaign, Double Boldt Real Estate will make a financial donation to non-profits chosen by new clients.

UPDATE: We’ve already started giving! At the request of one of our new clients, we’ve made a pledge to the Alzheimer’s Association, an organization near and dear to our client.

Community lies at the heart of all we do at Double Boldt Real Estate. As a long-standing member of the Wauwatosa, Elm Grove, and Brookfield communities, we know what our clients seek. Our goal is the same for every client: to help them through the emotional process that is buying and/or selling a home. With our notable experience in staging, selling, and buying residential properties, our expertise leaves our clients feeling complete and confident as we guide them through to the next stage of their lives.

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Want to get involved in what we’re doing, or want to share ideas for how we could do more? Contact us at or 414.807.6812