If you’ve ever had the pleasure of stopping into the Wauwatosa School of Music, whether you’re taking a lesson or dropping off a child, there is no doubt you’ve bumped into a familiar face.

Owner Cory Tcheng and his team of twenty instructors are patiently busy teaching kids and families of our very own communities the art of music.

Cory’s passion has always been music. With stints living in Washington D.C; Austin, TX; Berkeley, CA; and Chicago, IL. His passion for music blossomed into a career at UC Fullerton in Orange County, CA where he obtained his music degree. After meeting his wife, Amie, in Chicago, the family has now rooted itself right back – in our very own Wauwatosa.

Over the last 12 years, Cory has developed one of the most substantial and community-driven family-based – musical businesses in the area. Wauwatosa School of Music instructors are the best kind of teachers – patient, empathetic, kind, graceful, and stunningly talented. This is evidenced by the handful of concerts the kids put on throughout the year at various community venues.

Whether your child is interested in piano, voice, guitar, bass, drums, or woodwind lessons – they have a teacher for everything, including a new program; “Musik-garten.” This is taught by Cory’s wife, Amie, a former kindergarten teacher. This is intended for younger kids who are not quite ready for individual lessons but enjoy an affinity for music.

We know just how lucky we are to have these people in our lives. Thank you Cory Tcheng.

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