With record-low home inventory, the current real estate market is offering historically high returns for sellers! Taking a few additional steps before listing your home will help pique interest in your listing, and sell at top dollar. 

If you’re getting ready to sell, take a peek at our six suggestions to get you started. Not only will this help prepare you for prepping, selling and moving – it could save you thousands of dollars in the end.

  • Tune up your furnace and AC. Mechanical items are a big ticket item for buyers. Servicing prior to a home inspection is wise. Maintenance, minor repairs, and choosing your own HVAC contractor is high on the sellers list for home preparation prior to selling. 
  • Time for paint. A fresh coat of paint throughout the interior (and touch-ups on the exterior) will be one of your highest return on investment. Neutral, trendy colors will add value. Clean, fresh paint will give a solid fresh look. It never fails that paint is the easiest and most cost-effective way to change and enhance a space. 
  • Curb appeal. A potential buyer’s very first impression is the exterior of the home. Think about the front door, landscaping, and gardens. Mulch is also a quick and easy way to prepare exterior gardens for sale. You should consider a power wash to a home’s exterior to brighten the appearance. Finally, seeding and mowing the yard will leave you with an inviting green lawn that will have your buyers picturing themselves enjoying time spent in their new yard!  
  • Deep clean, deep clean, deep clean! We can’t emphasize enough the importance of a squeaky clean house. It’s time to pay attention to baseboards, blinds, fan blades, light fixtures, appliances, and other cleaning details that may have been overlooked in years past. Keep in mind that basements, utility closets, attics, and garages can all be what we like to call “organized mess” – storing the boxes, bins, and smaller furniture items that still need to be moved – without hurting your listing’s potential. 
  • Update home finishes. Little details will go a long way! Swap out cabinet knobs and hardware, light switch covers, curtain rods, and even light fixtures. This is an instantly effective way to make your listing more eye-catching and polished. 
  • Get your home ‘stage’ ready! Remember that it is important to stage your home in order to appeal to current potential buyers. Staging also creates an incentive for buyers to make offers quickly, helping them to truly see the property’s potential. You want to help buyers visualize how they can build a life in your house. Staging a home looks much different from everyday living. Cut down on clutter and personal items (i.e. family photos), keep decor neutral, and incorporate thoughtful touches like freshly cut flowers. Working with your real estate professional to understand the current buyer market, will help with these details. 

Our Double Boldt Real Estate goes the extra mile, delivering consistent results, and always doing the right thing. With compassion for people and passion for real estate, we look forward to helping YOU and your family!